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Types of clusters with Advantages and Disadvantages…

Posted by infotechgurus on November 4, 2010

Clusters is a group of application server which have similar state information available among each other
so that if one  app server fails the other is ready to process with the request.Along with fault tolerance they also provide workload management by routing the requests to appropriate app servers. So cluster also enables for Load Balancing

There are three type of cluster.
a. Horizontal
b. Vertical
c. Mixed

Horizontal cluster:Horizontal cluster consist of application server running on two or more different server
Advantage: In case of h/w failure  the server can process with the request. It has better performance as the system used is different
Disadvantage : Maintaining two different server is difficult & expensive.

Vertical cluster: Vertical cluster consist of two or more application server installed in an single physical machine.
Advantage: Monitoring & central administration is easy & cost effective.
Disadvantage: In case of hardware failure all the application server would fail.

Mixed cluster : Mixed cluster consist of both vertical & Horizontal cluster it is used only in critical high end banking application which need minimal downtime
Advantage: we have back up of all servers, so failures are very less.
Disadvantage: very expensive, monitoring is difficult.


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